Money management meets your social life

Link your bank accounts, tag friends/photos to transactions, budget and plan for adventures, create memories, live your best life!!

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Your Dashboard

Be Friends With Your Money

Connect Any Account

Connect any bank account or credit card

Associate Photos

Associate photos with transactions to build memories

See Balances

See all your account balances

Personalized Profile

Create your own custom profile page

Your Lifestyle

Built Just For You

View Your Lifestyle

See your social-financial lifestyle at a glance

Track Spending

Track your spending in all spending categories

See Tagged Transactions

See transactions that have been tagged with friends and family

View Trends

Filter transactions by date to see your historic spending trends

Your Money

Manage Money Like a Pro

Everything in One Place

See all your bank and credit card balances in one place

Charts and Graphs

View graphs that give you insight to your cash flow and spending

Tag Friends

Tag friends in your transactions and create memories

Income and Expenses

Quickly understand your income and expenses for any period

Your Friends

Create Memories Together

Add Friends

Add your friends and tag them in transactions where you spent money together

Categorize Friends

Categorize your friends, family, and significant others.

See “Friend Spend”

See how much you have spent with a friend or group of friends

Pick Favorites

Choose up to 5 favorite friends you spend the most with

Your Adventures

Save Money With Friends

Budget It Up

Set spending budgets while you explore

Tag Transactions

Tag transactions to adventures and manage your budget

Custom Adventures

Set custom profile images for your adventures

See Past Adventures

Relive your best memories by browsing past adventures


Adventure On

Save and budget for trips with your friends

iBank helps you afford the adventures you don't want to miss. Whether you're going on a vacation, to a wedding, our even just a weekend getaway, iBank will help you manage your budget.

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Watch and Learn

But seriously, you should watch our video. It's the best video ever made, according to the founders' moms.

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Safe and Secure

Friends CANNOT see your financial data

We take your financial security seriously. iBank is designed for your eyes and your eyes only. We never share your personal or financial data with anyone. Period.

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Awesome to Meet You

Get to Know Us

iBank was created by two millennials in search of finding financial freedom without sacrificing the lighter things in life. We created this company to chase our dreams and help you afford yours.

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iBank does not promote predatory loans, high-interest credit cards, or any other product that could potentially harm the financial wellbeing of our users. Additionally, we never sell our users’ personal or financial data to anyone. In order to keep the lights on, we charge a small monthly fee. We hope you love using iBank as much as we do.