Hello and welcome to iBank.  I’m Trey. My friend/business partner Mike and I are the founders of iBank.  Like most stories around entrepreneurialism, our story starts in an office.  Actually this story starts in a cubical, in an office, in a little town called Costa Mesa, California.

At the time, Mike and I ran (and still run) a company called Centrex Software. Centrex Software is a private label of a very large operational CRM/ERP software platform called DebtPayPro,which we re-branded and dedicated to the B2B lending sector. The software has full CRM capabilities along with a loan servicing module to manage business loan portfolios.  The team is awesome and so is the software.  Clients really seem to love the tech.  Anyway, because we were so deep into the B2B lending sector with software and technology, we had countless conversations with business finance shops around bank statements and tax returns and other documents our clients needed to underwrite a business owner for a loan. In looking at hundreds of thousands of bank statements, we started saying to ourselves, “Man, these are so depressing and black and white and awful and there are so many numbers.”  OK, correction, I said that because I can barely count to ten so to me, it was like death on a page. To Mike, who is a total numbers guy and can manipulate Excel in his sleep, these docs were just daily operating procedure.

While looking at an insane amount of bank statements, we both felt that there had to be a better way to look at our financial situation. We had no idea what that way was, but we knew there had to be one because if I had to look at one more line item on a bank statement, I was going to fall into serious depression. We also had access to this great name called iBank that was just sitting there.  After months of peaceful conversations and early nights at the office, (yeah right) we had stumbled upon an interesting idea.

I am 35 and Mike is 28 and depending on what article you read, we are both millennials. In other words, we love our social media and we love our social lives.  We had this thought that what if we could somehow combine our social media and our social life with our finances and our money.  After diving pretty deep into what we value in both our lives which were our friends, our family, experiences we have with those friends and family, a light bulb went off and we said to ourselves, well….all these experiences we have with our friends and family cost money.  The experience itself cost money.  Getting to the place where we had the experience costs money.  The friends and family that go with us had to spend the same money.  We spend money while on the experience.  Hhhmmm thought Trey and Mike.  Yeah……the hhmmm lasted about six months.

After looking at all the other FinTech and Social Media apps out there, it finally hit us. Let’s build an app that allows you to tag memories (photos) to transactions, that allows you to tag friends to transactions, that allows you to tag adventures to transactions, and that brings all your financial accounts and transactions into one place.  If you think about it, the bank statement has for the most part gone unchanged in decades.  Credit, debit, debit, debit, credit, debit, debit.  Line item after line item after lineitem.  Ugh!!  Depressing!!  What if instead of looking at line items and debits and credits, you were looking at the memories your money afforded you.  The friends and family you shared those memories with, and the adventures you went on.  What if instead of looking at the car payment you can’t afford on a bank statement, you are looking at a picture of your car.  Like your actual car, like the one you own. That sexy black Range Rover that’s ten years old, just so you can say you have a Range Over.  I mean if the Chain Smokers have lyrics about it then it has to be true right? Haha

Anyway, we also wanted to figure out a way to save better and more efficiently.  We would plan trips and friends would say they couldn’t go, but then at the last minute for fear of missing out (FOMO is a very real thing) they would put the trip on a high interest rate credit card.  If they would have saved a bit more and thought ahead of time, the trip would have in the long run, cost them far less. Our thinking was how do we figure out a way for our friends to save pennies at a time without thinking about it so that over time, those pennies turned into an amount that could afford them a fun adventure.  During and after that adventure, how do we preserve those memories in the form of financial transactions.  After even more peaceful conversations and early nights, we came up with a  plan that we thought had some legs to it and boom!!!………iBank was born.

Here at iBank we don’t care how you feel, how you think, or what you believe in.  We believe that you should do you each and every day of your life.  If iBank can help in that day-to-day life, then great.  If not, we still love you and we wish you the best.

We are iBank, and we want YOU to be FRIENDS with your money!!!

Trey Markel

Trey Markel

Trey Markel is the founder and CEO of iBank. Trey has 15 years experience in fintech marketing, business development and strategy. Trey has an undergraduate degree from the Eberhardt School of Business at University of the Pacific.


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