“I need at least 50 graphs to understand my money”


– No one ever…

It's Simple

Really though, watch the video.


Built For Your Life

  • Personalized dashboards
  • Connect any bank account or credit card
  • Customize your experience
  • See everything in one place


Managed Effortlessly

  • See all your balances at once
  • Check out graphs that give it to you straight
  • Customize your transaction categories
  • Create memories and tag friends in transactions


Share Memories Together

  • Add your friends and tag them in transactions
  • Customize labels for friends, family, and significant others
  • See how much money you spend with the squad
  • Save to share more memories together


Save More to Do More

  • See a clearer view your finances, tailored to your life
  • Make better-informed budgets
  • Track your spending across the board
  • Find new ways to save


Save Money With Friends

  • Save up for big trips and events with your friends
  • Tag transactions in adventures
  • Keep track of group transactions
  • Share memories together

iBank Security


We take your financial security seriously. Our software
is designed for your eyes and your eyes only.


Save Your Spot


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iBank was created by two millennials in search of finding financial freedom without sacrificing the lighter things in life. We created this app to chase our dreams and to help you afford yours.