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Lender Agreement

Agent User Agreement

Third Party User License Agreement

This Agreement is the Standard Third Party Agent User License Agreement ("Agreement"). This Agreement is for a License to access and use the IBank.com and iBank.com  Channel partner member network system ("Member Network"). This Agreement is made by and between Virtrue Capital Corporation. ("Virtrue") and related entities, Virtrue Channel Partners ("VCP") and you the ("Third Party User"). 


A. The Member Network is an internet-based small business finance network with three (3) existing centers: Business Loan, Business Insurance and Business Capital and four (4 ) new centers coming soon: Business Legal, Business Accounting, Business HR and Business Credit.  You the Third party are paying a license fee for hosting, security, access and filtering, data matching, data delivery and report processing system. The Member Network offers several modules including: a secure digital data VAULT, contact management module, Q&A module, proposal module, integrated forms module, third party credit information module and other related modules. 

B. The Member Network Partner license is licensed to VCP (major corporations, on-line business magazines, business associations, Chamber of Commerce, CPA firms, real estate brokers, Insurance brokers, business broker, banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, and other business to business related entities) for their business Members to become members in order to simplify, streamline and standardize the connectivity and sharing of financial Information, Influential networks  and innovative solutions within the finance scope of the small business member. 

C. The Member Network is licensed to Third Party Users that are desirous of a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access information on and share information with the Member Network. 

D. The Member Network is licensed to the Third Party User provided that (1) Third Party User does NOT modify the online software service in any unlicensed manner, (2) Third Party User preserves all copyright notices on any files it downloads from Virtrue, and (3) Third Party User agrees to be bound by the terms of this Agreement. 

E. Each Licensee of the Member Network will be background screened and, asked to fill out a New User Questionnaire before being approves as a Licensee. 

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein contained, Virtrue, VCP and Third Party User do hereby agree as follows: 

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