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About the Company

iBank was founded in 1998 by Tom Markel iBank’s chairman and owner. Tom says “I founded the company for one major reason. As a business owner I had no idea how to manage my financials myself and I desperately needed help.” Since then, iBank and its staff have been educating and assisting small business owners with all their financial needs.

Along with Mr. Markel and the staff at iBank, there is 60 years combined experience in business bookkeeping, financial preparation, and business financing. iBank has had the honor of winning multiple awards including the first ever government contract for business loan matchmaking within the United States. Even better than awards and accomplishments, iBank has served over 1.2 million small business owners with their financial needs since 1998.

Here at iBank we are proud to not only be a small business but to also serve the small business community.  With the help of our staff and team, we know you will experience success.

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Serving the small business community Since 1998 and still at it.

iBank focuses on your financial needs as a small business owner. With managing your financials, our team will quickly be able to assist you in making better financial decisions along with discovering whether or not your business is ready for financing. We implore you to join us and see for yourself.

Our Core Values and Mission

iBank Mission Statement

To assist and consult small business owners all over the country with their business financial needs to create a solid corporate credit foundation to experience small business entrepreneurial success.

iBank's Core Values

Excellence in Everything We Do. Kindness in Our Relationships. Outstanding Customer Service. Integrity in Our Actions. Nothing is Impossible with God.

The iBank Promise

As a small business financial service provider, we promise to work along side our customers to work with them in finding the best possible financial situation available.

What You will Experience at iBank

  • 75% More Awareness in Your Business

  • 50% Stronger Financial Foundation

  • 50% Greater Access to Capital