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"...I would just like to commend your employee Chris Gonzalez. I just got off the phone with him, and I'm a new iBank customer. I am extremely impressed with his explanation and knowledge about the iBank system and just wanted someone to know. Very happy that Chris is our rep at iBank. Thank you!"
Erin Bassity, VP Marketing,

"...You have been first class in answering all our questions and in a very timely manner."
Patrick M.

"As an iBank small business member I networked with one of the iBank lenders, he was responsive, respectful and got my deal funded quick and easy. I would highly recommend being a member of the iBank small business network for all my small business loan needs."
Morgan Harris

"You have been extremely helpful. Many thanks for all your quick responses. We will be in touch if we need any further assistance."
Amy Stephenson and Holly Dickerson

"Thanks for your very courteous and pleasant help. We have received multiple proposals from the business network and will decide on which to go with by the end of this week. In the mean time I would like to thank you for the way in which you worked with me; you have provided us with outstanding service."
Mike Kimmerland, Futuristic Systems

"I thought I would just let you know that Regina Lukens, Senior Customer Support, did an excellent job of helping me process my request through iBank. She also has a superior gift of making the procedure easy and relaxed. Customer service is a hard thing to find these days and you have a gem."
Kevin Nauta,

"I (one of my mares) delivered a foal last night and I have a beautiful new baby on the ground so I'm out in the stable doing what I do best. He is perfect and healthy. I look forward to doing much more of this with my business venture and this seems a great opportunity to say that because of iBank, my goals just might be much more attainable than I could have imagined."

"This is what it is all about. This is why your company does what it does, and it is why I do what I do and together, look at what we can accomplish! Nothing is ever purer than helping bring a new life into the world...Every once in a while it's a good thing to be reminded of the relevance of what a difference we can each make in such remarkable ways."
Deanna Creighton, DreamCatcher Stable and Ranch

"Your service is great! I'm doing a $1.6 million mezzanine financing for my shopping center. I received lots of contacts, five written offers in just four days, and a 1½ percent lower interest rate than my local bank. Thanks."
M.F., C.E.O., Springfield, Missouri

"Just wanted you to know that I did accept an offer from one of the iBank network lenders and was granted a $6,000.00 working capital loan. Everyone I dealt with was helpful, friendly and explained things in layman's terms. I was very pleased. Thank you for your iBank site!!!"
Susan L., Owner, The Flower Garden

"After years of trial and error we have finally found an online company that is doing loan finance processing right. iBank has built a robust behind the scenes solution that allows lenders to fully customize their loan criteria. From our perspective it provides an easy to use interface with prospective borrowers and expedites their requests for financing."
Gary H., President, Creative Capital Associates, Inc.

"I also believe that nothing is impossible with God. I was very impressed that you wrote that on your core value page. Many people believe it but they don't admit it."
Paul S., DDS

"The information on the I-Bank website is accurate, very easy to use and helps us foster ongoing relationships with new brokers. Borrowers using the I-Bank are ready to discuss and proceed with their loans. I-Bank is a valuable tool for us."
Dan M., Vice President, Commercial Lending Department

"As you can see, we have been actively purchasing. You have made many improvements and the site has become very easy to use."
Joe F., Executive Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Lender

"I have a good friend who is trying to get some financing together for purchasing a large apartment complex. He said the paperwork and excessive amount of time he has spent to get a loan of that size has left him extremely frustrated! I reviewed your site a little and saw that those types of loans are one of the services you help with (Apts. 21+). I told him about your site, and he was able to connect with multiple lenders instantly and store all his business data in a secure and easy to use digital package."
Brian L., Principal Consultant, LTK Engineering Services

"We were looking for someone who had state of the art technology and we certainly found that combination in Ibank". "Along with the stable list of lenders they have in place to satisfy our needs, and then some, we believe this relationship with Ibank will be long and fruitful. I think this is just the beginning of how potent and revolutionary this service will be."
Bob M., CEO of Global Equity Lending

"You can't imagine how surprised I was to get your call responding to my inquiry for Minuteman Group about a broken link this afternoon. Not only did you promptly return my phone message, but you got a technical support person on line with you and you dug into the issue to help us resolve it - and far more quickly than I had expected! The high quality and promptness of your customer support is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your assistance."
Jennifer T., NineCats Design, LLC Customer Service Request

"Your FinanceSuite streamlined the whole lending process, made the process much faster, didn't waste my time finding lenders but connected me right to best lenders nationally."
Mike - $2.5 million business loan for his Paint and Body shop in Louisiana

"The Finance Center is awesome. I may be a businessman, but banking is a whole new world"
Nick M.

"Your product functionality and presentation is really great. It saves a lot of time when shopping for the best rate!"
Dillip K.

"The Finance Center is a very intersting and progressive product!"
Jane G.

"I am impressed with the quality of lenders who responded to our proposals. Every business person should know about the Finance Center. You have a lifetime fan!"
Adrienne S., MD

"We are excited about being able to close deals more quickly. Providing the buyers of our marketed properties with a multi-lender financing option has been of great interest to our member companies, and we believe Credentrust's proprietary technology and extensive lender network is the best solution."
Scott R.

"I have been making commercial loans for over 20 years. I have not seen anything on the Internet like your FinanceSuite. You have spent a lot of time and money getting it right. It is turn-key easy to understand and very impressive."
Ron, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Washington

"We restructured $363 million of senior financing for 183 limited service motels located throughout the US. Tharaldson Lodging is enjoying enormous benefits of long-term, fixed rate financing. We would recommend your services to other companies looking to improve their financial situation."
Gary T., President 

"We saved time, and costs preparing all our loan package materials through Credentrust technology. We would highly recommend the Credentrust loan process to any business and we received several competitive loan proposals."
Brent, Restaurant owner 

"As a lender in the network we found the transactions to be targeted to the criteria we established in the system. The process was efficient, cost effective and a great source of qualified transactions."
Bill, President Leasing Company 

"We met with the Credentrust team and found them to be professional, helpful and creative. It took Credentrust only 15 days from the day we met them, to contract, to launch of our custom finance center. Their technology gave us the horsepower to compete against the largest lenders in the market. Our staff is ecstatic and so are our customers. We process less paper, the quotes get to the customer faster and our cost of processing loan transactions have dropped radically."
Jeff, President Religious Lender 

"I like what you have built. It is very useful to us in giving a very thorough first pass at a finance opportunity."
Charles, Major Church Lender


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"As an iBank small business member I networked with one of the iBank lenders, he was responsive, respectful and got my deal funded quick and easy. I would highly recommend being a member of the iBank small business network for all my small business loan needs."
Morgan Harris

"You have been extremely helpful. Many thanks for all your quick responses. We will be in touch if we need any further assistance."
Amy Stephenson and Holly Dickerson

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