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Full Service Hotel by Tom Markel

Hotels and motels are categorized into two main categories which are generally known as limited-service of full-service. A limited-service property is a free-standing property that does not provide extra services such as restaurants and all amenities are provided by the staff at the front desk or housekeeping. A full-service hotel or motel offers everything a limited-service property does plus much more. Majority of hotels or motels would specify in their advertisements whether or not they are a full-service establishment so as to offer prospective guests clearer choices. It gives guests a better idea of what to expect and can also attract more guests just by offering non-essential services that provide a sense of luxury such as a spa.
A full-service hotel or motel is differentiated by a variety of services. Guests at full-service properties have more options such as an extra restaurant and beverage service option. This would include cocktail lounges, formal restaurants, and even coffee bars. The larger full-service hotels may have a small shopping center with retail shops and gift boutiques. It is likely that there will be laundry and valet services, a swimming pool, fitness centers, health spas and even beauty salons. They may, also, offer services such as a newsstand and drug/cosmetics counter. Aside from the general services people associate with large-scale full-service hotels, they may, also, offer more service you may have not thought about.
The largest of the full-service hotels or motels may offer a wide array or unique and accommodating services that will be good for larger groups, businesses, and celebrations. They may offer banquet rooms, exhibit halls, and even ball rooms for conventions, meetings, wedding receptions, and other social gatherings that involve needing a spacious room. These events bring in large sums of revenue and can substantially help bring in more business or create better business ties with other significant companies for future events. While a full-service property has plenty of characteristics, a limited- service property will offer a continental breakfast, vending machines, daily housekeeping services, and possibly a swimming pool or fitness room.
It is always a good idea to research hotel loan programs and other information about full-service and limited-service hotels or motels in order to get a better sense of your options as a business entrepreneur. In addition to learning about full-service hotels or motels, a thorough research will allow you to meet other entrepreneurs and experts who share similar interests with you or with this industry.
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Most Recent Postings

Type Amount Location Date Posted
Full Service Hotel $300000 Mt. Juliet,
October 20, 2014
12:12 PM
Full Service Hotel $1800000 Dillon,
October 13, 2014
12:53 PM
Full Service Hotel $250000 West Bend,
October 10, 2014
10:40 AM
Full Service Hotel $8000000 Dublin,
October 1, 2014
12:42 PM
Full Service Hotel $30000000 Oakland,
September 10, 2014
11:03 AM
Full Service Hotel $800000 Decatur,
July 29, 2014
3:38 PM
Full Service Hotel $500000 JONESBORO,
July 16, 2014
9:35 PM
Full Service Hotel $2300000 Tuscaloosa,
June 23, 2014
2:24 PM
Full Service Hotel $1500000 Bliss,
March 21, 2014
2:31 PM
Full Service Hotel $300000 Holmes Beach,
January 7, 2014
11:15 AM

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