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Hospital by Tom Markel

If you're applying for a commercial mortgage to buy a hospital, there's a good chance that you've invested in real estate before and have some idea about what you need to do to make your venture a successful one. Banks and mortgage brokers that offer hospital loans deal in millions of dollars and will want to know that the money they lend you will be put to good use, and returned in a prompt and timely manner. Are you prepared to give them that guarantee? What will you do to make sure that your hospital is a success? If it's an existing hospital and is already successful, why is it being sold? If it's not doing well, how will you turn things around?
The health care industry is a business that can be steady and volatile at the same time. The need for medical care is always there, but the funding for that care comes from different places, some of which are changing almost daily. Questions abound about health care laws, mandatory insurance, and potential regulation. Purchasing a hospital isn't like buying a restaurant. You're guaranteed to have plenty of patrons with a hospital, but getting paid for the care they need is not a simple task, nor is paying the overhead and salaries of those who provide that care. Will you be able to do that?
These questions and more will be asked when you apply for a commercial mortgage for a hospital. If you have partners in the deal, each of you will have to show a history of good business decisions and on-time payments for previous loans or mortgages. The entity that you form together will be examined thoroughly to determine who bears what level of responsibility. Having your paperwork in order before you do the application is a good idea, and make sure that you and your partners are all on the same page about what you will do when you are approved for the commercial mortgage.
Fill out one application and get dozens of offers from banks and mortgage brokers. That's what iBank does for investors. We shop your request around and match you with the financial institutions that can help you with your investment plans. A hospital is a pretty significant purchase, so it may take some time to get all of the offers in hand. Wait as long as you can and accumulate as many as possible. There are better offers coming in every day. One of them will be the right one for you. 

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May 7, 2012
9:17 AM
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November 16, 2010
2:20 PM
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September 27, 2009
9:56 PM
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August 4, 2009
5:38 AM
Hospital Loan $1800000 paterson,
July 29, 2009
10:24 AM
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June 20, 2009
11:24 AM
Hospital Loan $36000000 Stockton,
June 6, 2009
12:08 AM
Hospital Loan $36000000 Stockton,
June 5, 2009
11:59 PM
Hospital Loan $2000000 ROSWELL,
June 2, 2009
7:03 AM
Hospital Loan $11000000 Los Angeles ,
May 4, 2009
3:42 PM

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