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Healthcare / Medical Loan 

One of the fastest growing industries in the United States right now is the health care industry. Doctors and medical management companies are making millions and many are seeking to invest in medical facilities. Hospitals and medical clinics are springing up across the country, but is the market becoming too competitive? You'll find when you apply for a loan or mortgage in the health care industry that just having a good idea isn't enough. Others have had that idea before. What you need is a good business plan with specifics on how you plan to market and manage your new investment.
Healthcare and medical loans, particularly mortgages, are some of the highest dollar value loans you can apply for. Empty space won't be enough if you want to open up an assisted living, congregate care, or independent living facility. Without high end modern medical equipment they will be nothing more than high priced apartments. Those are a good investment too, but not what you're looking for here. When you create your business plan to apply for a healthcare/medical loan, make sure you include specifics.
Rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities offer the same type of challenges, and you'll also need to outline how exactly you plan on recruiting your personnel. Medical facilities of any kind have enormous staffing requirements. Can you afford to pay for all of those people and make the commercial mortgage payments on the building every month? Who will your primary tenant be? What type of medical insurance will they be taking? Will they be affected by mandatory health care laws or a lack of primary care physicians? These may not seem like real estate questions, but they're of interest to the lender.
Here at iBank, we provide you the resources you need to write a business plan and the pool of lenders you need to make sure you get the loan or mortgage you need with the terms and payments that you can afford. By shopping you around to a number of different lenders we make sure that you get multiple offers, allowing you to choose the best one, not the first one that comes along. 

Most Recent Postings

Type Amount Location Date Posted
Healthcare | Medical Loan $400000 Milann,
October 23, 2014
1:29 PM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $1500000 San Juan Capistrano,
October 22, 2014
3:47 PM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $300000 compton,
October 20, 2014
2:35 PM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $1065000 Modesto,
October 20, 2014
10:59 AM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $455000 carneys point,
October 18, 2014
5:54 AM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $455000 carneys point,
October 18, 2014
5:54 AM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $2500000 Bellingham,
October 13, 2014
3:52 PM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $2000000 bowie,
October 13, 2014
3:28 PM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $400000 Burtonsville,
October 9, 2014
11:07 AM
Healthcare | Medical Loan $75000 Fond du Lac,
August 27, 2014
10:14 AM

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