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Individual and Family Insurance

If your small business is owned and operated by you and members of your family, In addition to group insurance which is for employees who may or may not be related to you; you and your family members also have the option of choosing individual and family insurance coverage.

Individual and family insurance is great for a family-run small business.  You can choose from any number of plans and do not have to worry about government mandates on what your chosen plan covers.  Individual and family insurance can be put in two main categories: Indemnity and Managed Care.

Indemnity individual and family insurance plans offer a much wider choice of doctors than managed care but they require you to pay upfront for medical services and then make claims for payment after.  Indemnity plans only reimburse payments upon receiving a receipt.  You will, therefore, need to have some extra cash put away for this purpose.  Also, you will have to ensure that you can survive financially until you get your money back.  The advantage to an indemnity plan is that you have a greater choice of finding cheaper coverage plans.

Managed care insurance plans offer different plan packages such as HMO, PPO and PPS. Managed care individual and family insurance plans use networks of healthcare providers who agree with the company to accept a particular price for the different services covered.  This is good so you know there are not surprises so long as you stay within the recommended network. Practitioners in a managed care network will file the paperwork with the insurance company for you. That is definitely one benefit worth thinking about seriously.

As with any new undertaking for your business, it is essential that you do the necessary research. Registering with will enable you to contact professionals in the insurance industry who will help you find the information you need.  You will, also, get to interact with other small family business owners and benefit from their own knowledge from having gone through this very process.

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