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Women in Business

There are several different private and government programs that are designed for women business owners and their needs......

Gov Loans and Grants

In the United States  there are quite a few different programs that allow for a business owners to receive gov back loans or grants.......

Business Franchise

Staring or buying a franchise is a great way to be a first time business owner.  It is less risky and most of it is already built for you....

Business Planning

A business plan will help your business get funded and will keep you focused on growing your business......

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Small Business Finance Expert - Grading our Nations Banks

Ami Kassar

Ami Kassar
Small Business Finance Expert
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Ami Kassar the CEO of Multi Funding, a leading business finance provider in the US, has created a new online tool that has graded our nations banks based on how well they lend to the small business community compared to their current cash deposits.  Grades go from A down to F.  What is the business lending grade of your bank?.......Learn More

News} What Small Business has been up to...

Tips on How to Get a Business Line of Credit

The chance to make a living while operating your own business, especially if it involves doing something you enjoy, is what a lot of people want out of life. It usuall...

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What President Obama's Reelection Means For Small-Business Lending

Despite the various bills, proposals and promises to small businesses in each presidential candidate's platform, one topic rises to the top and continues to be a focal point for the nation's estimated 29 million small businesses: funding. Scientific polling last month by the Small Business Majority, a national small-business advocacy organization run by small-business owners, found that although a majority of the country's small-business owners are optimistic about the future of their businesses...